Radio Advertising: Literally the Most Constructive One

Since the clone of businesses is emerging with the bullet-pace, it’s turned exceedingly hard to push your brand to the right audience. Highest penetration is always not easy; you need a lot of money as well as premeditated medium to promote your brand. Though there seem to be oodles of advertising mediums available to you[…]

7 Digital Marketing Tips Your Bootstrapped Start-Up Must Adapt

A bootstrapped startup is an early stage business that’s short on fund but needs to be promoted at the intense scale. However, a biggest impasse that an entrepreneur faces is the scarcity of the funds. And this is where digital marketing comes handy for such businesses. Considering the same, here we’ve brought 7 effective digital[…]

Digital Marketing, Radio Advertising or TV Commercials, Which Medium is Ideal for your Business?

Advertisement is the core part of every business strategy. Ultimately, the way you promote your business over the different marketing platform decides your performance. But things turn complex when you have more than one marketing mediums in hand and you have to decide the best out of all. Thus, to deal with this jargon, we[…]

Facebook’s Q4 Revenue of whopping $5.67 billion makes Mark Zuckerberg World’s Sixth Richest Person

Facebook, the giant social media channel has reached its newer milestones after its Q4’s revenue and earnings have come out. And ever since it’s been recorded by 75 cents and revenue of $5.67 billion, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO & Founder of Facebook took no time in replacing Oracle’s Chairman Larry Ellison and became the sixth richest[…]