Online Advertising

How to Create Effective Online Advertising

Online advertising is an impressive medium that is used to promote and deliver marketing messages to a targeted audience over the internet and World Wide Web. Online advertising is a flexible medium that can be utilised in a variety of ways:Search engine results pages – e.g. Google, MSN and Yahoo.

  • Banner ads
  • Rich media ads – interactive media such as online video directories
  • Social network advertising – Facebook, Myspace, Friendster and Bebo etc
  • Online classified advertising
  • Advertising networks
  • Email marketing


Advantages & Benefits

  1. Immediate publishing of information and content – Information can be immediately relayed to a targeted audience that does not suffer geographical or time restrictions. Online advertising offers marketers presence on the World Wide Web and a global audience. Likewise, consumers can immediately interact with many online advertisements by clicking on links in order to attain specific information. Online marketing and advertising should in all essence involve the participation of the consumer. This will encourage and increase the momentum in which a consumer receives an advertisement campaign.
  2. Custom made advertising – Advertisements can be customised in terms of content and keywords, enabling the display of an advertisement to appear on relevant web pages. Online marketers can make use of AdWords and AdSense for this purpose as well as many other elements that make up a delicious a la carte menu in the way of graphics and design, which offers much to suit a specific ad campaign. Advertisements can also be tailor made to suit the wants and needs of the consumer market in a manner that is easier to specifically target the individuals it is intended for.
  3. Cost effective – Advertising online offers one of the most cost effective methods of marketing available. Online marketers are able to create, deliver and execute an online marketing campaign to a full spectrum of viewers, spending only what’s necessary in order to reap maximum rewards later on.
  4. Target audience closeness – Online advertising enable marketers to get close to a targeted audience and remain that way. Internet consumers are growing in numbers and staying online for longer periods. A complete marketing cycle from A to Z can be achieved with online marketing offering the opportunity to create an initial brand awareness right through to customer purchases. Since internet consumers are adapting their lives to suit a variety of elements available for them to do and use, online marketers are able to capitalise on providing these opportunities. Opportunities that the consumer market are vastly enjoying at present include internet surfing, product buying, email, acquiring of news, internet banking, search facilities and even online hobbies. Providing these, offers marketers the opportunity to get closer to a target audience, feeding a demand.
  5. Online flexibility, measurement and analysis – PPC (pay per click), directory listings and SEO (search engine optimisation) offers better targeting of a specific audience, measuring the impact that an advertising campaign has on them, analysis of data and ultimately increasing ROI (return on investment). Feedback can be accumulated on a constant basis opening a door of opportunity to adjust and make changes to an ad campaign where shortcomings are assessed and noticed. Areas that are flexible and where change can play a huge role include copywriting phrases which can be edited to substantially improve an online marketing strategy. Online advertising offers a critical advantage over traditional methods in that the success (or not) of an advertisement can be tracked and tested, acquiring very specific data. This is a fundamental factor as it means that only successful campaigns can be displayed to the consumer market, resulting in higher ROI. Online marketing also has the added benefit of seamlessly integrating with more traditional methods of advertising whereby print media can work exceptionally well with online mediums.