Social Media Marketing

We provide business-driven social media solutions

Did you know that 72 percent of social marketers admit that social content has helped them close deals? Following the majority and their personal experiences, social media marketing has become the pivotal part of branding, lead generation and sales.

Content solutions provided by iBroad Digital works as the ready-made fuel for social media conversations, and it can be integrated for seamless publication on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networks. Our social media marketing team can also help you boost your fans and followers to maximize your content’s social reach. Social users see these relevant and interesting conversation threads – with your content at the root – and follow through to become new leads to your website.


Engaging social content

Nearly three-quarters of businesses with a social marketing strategy already use original content, so branded social content is a competitive must. Social media content also needs to be fresh and timely to attract users looking for real-time information – and repetitive content is one of the top reasons people stop engaging brands on social media.

Custom news, blogs and articles ensure that your brand offers unique, up-to-date posts.

Fuel for social conversations

Social content drives brand chatter, and 81 percent of marketers say it has been key to generating exposure for their businesses. This is why developing social content is already a top investment for marketers across industries.

iBroad Digital custom content is created with the latest online trends in mind, so your content will be timely enough to generate chatter and make your brand part of the industry conversation.

SEO and inbound links

Social media marketing is an integral part of competitive search engine optimization strategies and key to driving traffic. As search engines (including Google and Bing) incorporate social data on results pages, the comments and social shares your content ignites can be critical to catching clicks.

Plus, compelling content on social sites magnifies inbound links. Nearly one in 10 consumers are “megaphones” who describe themselves as key industry influencers who share links to the information they find on social media. Inbound links signal a level of trust and quality in the destination material, influencing search engines to prioritize your pages above those of your online competition.

Overall, 62 percent of marketers say they’ve noticed improved rankings for core keywords as a benefit of social media marketing.

Relevant traffic and sales

When you engage consumers on social channels, they become acquainted with your brand before clicking back to your site. Social content helps you attract audiences who choose to engage your company and are probably informed about your industry. They’re more likely to be loyal to your business and make purchases.